a picture of me sitting down

Hi! Thanks for stumbling along this over enthusiastic college student’s blog! Here, I’ll be writing about what I’m learning both in the class room and outside. I plan on starting an small series on programming using python. for instance, along with other topics on both front end and back end development. I have also been learning more about devops, so expect some of that too.

To share a bit about myself, I am going into my Senior year of university as a Management Information Systems major and minoring in Computer Science. I like making things with computers. You can check out my projects in the menu link or click here to check out my GitHub. Currently, I am working part time as a Cloud Engineer with a Fortune 500 company while finishing up school. I’d rather not be too specific right now on where. My main languages are Java, python, and JavaScript, but I’ve touched on quite a range of others as well.

Hope you stick around and follow my journey. Hopefully, I can help someone out with getting into software development!